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Guided tours

"Pearl of Ringsjön"
In touch with 10 centuries
In touch with 10 centuries
Experience the gardens
Welcome to experience a medieval castle, park and gardens in a beautiful and carefully preserved historic environment.

Bosjökloster is a popular destination with a long experience of welcoming individual and group travellers.

We offer guided tours for groups all year in the gardens, park, church and parts of the castle. We talk about Bosjökloster's nearly one thousand-year old history, and about today's work with ancient buildings, flower beds and magnificent trees. 

Combine your visit with a meal in the restaurant. The restaurant offers lunches, dinners, weddings and day conferences all year. Group menues

Prices for guided tours:
15+ persons: SEK 100 per person.
2-15 persons: SEK 550 + entrance, though at the most SEK 1500.

Please contact us to book in advance:, +46-413-250 48
Eat local food in the restaurant
Eat local food in the restaurant
See exhibitions in the castle
Combine your visit with a concert