Experience Bosjökloster's Gardens and Park

Throughout the season, the castle terraces and rose garden constantly change with tens of thousands of plants...

The tulip field

In April, Bosjökloster's park is covered by a white carpet of wood anemones. On the terraces around the castle scores of narcissus and tulips bloom in all colours in May.

Rhdodendron & azalea in the park

Blooming shrubs, azalea and rhododendron line the path to the Thousand Year Old Oak.

The Rose Garden

The first roses appear at the end of May; some bloom until late Autumn. Nepeta formss blue-grey borders in the lovely Rose Garden. Here the English David Austin roses distinguish themselves with their wonderful scents. Over a hundred kinds of roses can be found at Bosjökloster — thousands in number.

A perennical flower bed on the Upper Terrace

Peony and lilies are fragrant and beautiful features in June. The large perennial flower beds in English style blaze in all colours and heights on the Upper Terrace.

The Court Yard

Roses and hydrangea bloom in the Court Yard, surrounded by box-hedges. The fragrant rose Stenchen, now renamed Bosjökloster, has grown in the Memorial Yard since 1908.

The herb garden

In the adjoining little herb garden health- and food herbs grow, surrounded by high walls where roses, clematis and grapevines climb.

The thousand year old oak tree. Photo: Jonas Forell

The Thousand Year Old Oak stands at the entrance to the park.

Alpackas, ponies and goats in the park

 Visit the friendly ponies, goats and alpackas in the park.

Foto: Jørgen Bresson Foto: Jørgen Bresson

Borrow a rowing boat at the pier for a ride on the lake.

Find your own favorite spot for your picknick, or visit our Café & Restaurant where you can sit amoung the roses with a view over the lake.

In the park, six queens reside with their workers and drones. The honeybees are cared for by Bokeslundsgården and produce our own linden honey. Linden honey is flavorful with a hint of peppermint taste.