For groups

Visit Bosjökloster for a cultural, historical, and garden experience, as well as for the tasty food.

Bosjökloster has a long experience of welcoming group travellers. We offer guided tours in the gardens, park, church and parts of the castle, recounting Bosjökloster's nearly one thousand-year old history, and describing how we work with the ancient buildings, flower beds and magnificent trees today. Combine your visit with a meal in the restaurant! Please note that the menu prices include the guided tour and entry to the entire area.

Welcome to contact us at the castle administration to plan your visit!

Menu suggestions for groups......SEK 275 
**Prices include entry and a guided tour.**
**Please choose the same menu for the whole group!**

  1. Butter fried pike-perch with a tarragon & white wine sauce and new potatoes.
  2. Chicken fillet marinated in lemon and herbs with a lemon sauce and potatoes turned in parsley and butter.
  3. Wild burger with bacon, a forest mushroom sauce, fried potatoes and lingonberry preserve. 
  4. Green summer stew with parsley sprinkled potatoes.
All menus are served with vegetables of the season and salad, bread, butter, table water & coffee.

With light beer/mineral water......+ SEK 25
With wine/beer......+ SEK 75

Dessert......+SEK 45 
  1. Bosjökloster cake.
  2. Lemon cheesecake.
  3. Ice cream with a warm raspberry sauce.

Coffee table.....SEK 180

  1. Coffee or tea with three different pastries.
  2. Coffee or tea with two Danish rye bread sandwiches: choose from cheese & ham, shrimp- or salmon salad.

Autumn 2018
  Nov 30 - Dec 2

Cancellation and changes no later that 48 hours before arrival. We serve tour guides and bus drivers free of charge. 

Are you interested in other menus or a special event? Please contact us for suggestions! We offer lunches, dinners, weddings, meetings, events and day conferences year-round.
The group offer is for 15+ guests. À la carte is also served daily in the Garden Café May - September.

Tel. 0413-250 48