Accommodation in the area

From an award-winning forest-tent-hotel, to charming B&Bs, well-equipped camping grounds and town hotels with fine dining and newly renovated spas, there are plenty of options to prolong you stay in the area. VisitMittSkåne provides more information on what to do and where to stay in central Skåne.

Are you visiting Bosjökloster and travelling with a caravan and camper? You are welcome to stay in our car park.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Ringsjö Wärdshus, lake-side hotel (3 km)

Gamla Boo Bed & Breakfast  (3 km)

Höörs Gästgifwaregård, central Höör (7 km)

Stiftsgården Åkersberg, central Höör (8 km)

Elisefarm, near golf courses (10 km)

Skånes Djurpark Camping, by the animal park (11 km)

Jularps Gård B&B, countryside (11 km)

Ullstorps Stugor, cottages in the countryside (13 km)

Hörby Ringsjöstrand, camping (16 km)

Nyrups naturhotell, stay in a ‘yurta’ in the forest (16 km)

Hotell Stensson, central Eslöv (20 km) - currently under renovation until July 2019

Hålegården B&B, country living (20 km)

STF Vandrarhem Hörby/Råbyhill, hostel (21 km) (fully booked until Aug 2019 for ESS construction project)

Röstånga Gästgivaregård, hotel (30 km)

Bokebacken Skogshotell, forest cottages (38 km)