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Transitions, in Paintings and Assemblage

Catharina von Unge displays paintings and assemblage in the Tower Room, as a culmination of 50 years as an artist. Through the years, she has studied, worked and exhibited in several countries. 

Her inspiration comes from scenes she has experienced – and items she has picked up – during travels to many parts of the globe. She is on the lookout for beauty that is enduring, where changes and transitions are slow-paced and reliable, in an otherwise hectic world.

About the paintings

Catharina’s paintings focus on the gentle transitions of nature. When she returns to a landscape she has painted before, great and small changes that have taken place fascinate her. A storm has upprooted trees, young ones have grown taller, and the mountains have shifted in colour. She often uses the bridge as a symbol for transitions. A passage-way from the old to the new.


Catharina von Unge has collected items, such as antique textiles, plants, parts of animals, leaf gold, from near and far. She says that

There is always something new to see in everyday items. I want to convey that it is possible to be an explorer in our time; to make the mundane stand out.

The exhibition is open all days August 24 - September 22, 11 a.m. - 4p.m.

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