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Traces of Stillness

An art installation in the park by Karin Wiberg and Ida Magntorn
Who are we and where are we going? What is true – untrue, fiction – reality?

Art that encourages exploration and contemplation in Bosjökloster’s surroundings. Hundreds of years ago, individuals seeking wisdom, spiritual tranquility, answers to the eternal questions, made pilgrimages to the convent on the island. Karin’s and Ida’s art draws us in, reminds us of our need for silent moments in the everyday bustle, to compose ourselves and find inner balance and strength. The artwork creates its own world in the public space, a window into a harmonious stillness. Between the outdoors and indoors, between human and nature.

Opening May 19 maj 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
The exhibition is open all days May 19 - August 23 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Foto: Kristina Strand Larsson

Karin Wiberg

is a sculptor with a long list of exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, most recently in Paris and Tokyo.

Karin has always been fascinated by the primeval forest, its mystique, where we feel that we are not on our usual safe footing but instead are stepping into a new and different world. In her sculptures you glimpse the animal wonder in the human and the human gaze in the animal. They watch us and see something that is beyond our consciousness.

Foto: Jenny Leyman

Ida Magntorn

is a Swedish author and photographer. She is interested in light, how light falls and how, when we view a picture, we can sometimes feel that we are moving between two worlds. Ida has had several exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, most recently in Paris and Sydkorea.

In her latest book Ett hem med omtanke she focuses on how to relate to sustainability and environmental thinking while creating a beautiful home.

Johanna Alkan Olsson

is a university lecturer in environmental studies and the Centre for Environment and Climate Studies, University of Lund.

She is interested in the human relation to nature and the relation between nature and the inhabited. Johanna strives to build bridges between disciplines and practices for a more sustainable society. She views art as an inspiration for conversations about the relation between the human, culture and nature.


is a family-run company with special competency to develop, produce and sell concrete products with a wide range of applications. Everything from construction to Karin Wiberg’s sculptures in soft forms. All mad in a resilient material from sand, stone, cement and water.
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